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117 Other mycoses

117.0 Rhinosporidiosis

          Infection by Rhinosporidium seeberi

117.1 Sporotrichosis

          Cutaneous sporotrichosis
          Disseminated sporotrichosis
          Infection by Sporothrix [Sporotrichum] schenckii
          Lymphocutaneous sporotrichosis
          Pulmonary sporotrichosis
          Sporotrichosis of the bones

117.2 Chromoblastomycosis

          Infection by Cladosporidium carrionii, Fonsecaea compactum, Fonsecaea
           pedrosoi, Phialophora verrucosa

117.3 Aspergillosis

          Infection by Aspergillus species, mainly A. fumigatus, A. flavus group,
           A. terreus group

117.4 Mycotic mycetomas

          Infection by various genera and species of Ascomycetes and Deuteromycetes,
           such as Acremonium [Cephalosporium] falciforme, Neotestudina rosatii,
           Madurella grisea, Madurella mycetomii, Pyrenochaeta romeroi, Zopfia
           [Leptosphaeria] senegalensis
          Madura foot, mycotic
          Maduromycosis, mycotic
          Excludes: actinomycotic mycetomas (039.-)

117.5 Cryptococcosis

          Busse-Buschke's disease Pulmonary cryptococcosis
          Cryptococcal meningitis Systemic cryptococcosis
          European cryptococcosis Torula
          Infection by Cryptococcus neoformans

117.6 Allescheriosis [Petriellidosis]

          Infections by Allescheria [Petriellidium] boydii [Monosporium apiospermum]
          Excludes: mycotic mycetoma (117.4)

117.7 Zygomycosis [Phycomycosis or Mucormycosis]

          Infection by species of Absidia, Basidiobolus, Conidiobolus, Cunninghamella,
           Entomophthora, Mucor, Rhizopus, Saksenaea

117.8 Infection by dematiacious fungi [Phaehyphomycosis]

          Infection by dematiacious fungi such as Cladosporium trichoides [bantianum],
           Dreschlera hawaiiensis, Phialophora gougerotii, Phialophora jeanselmei

117.9 Other and unspecified

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