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298 Other nonorganic psychoses

          Categories 298.0-298.8 should be restricted to the small group of psychotic
          conditions that are largely or entirely attributable to a recent life
          experience. They should not be used for the wider range of psychoses in which
          environmental factors play some [but not the major] part in aetiology.

298.0 Depressive type

          A depressive psychosis which can be similar in its symptoms to
          manic-depressive psychosis, depressed type (296.1) but is apparently provoked
          by saddening stress such as a bereavement, or a severe disappointment or
          frustration. There may be less diurnal variation of symptoms than in 296.1,
          and the delusions are more often understandable in the context of the life
          experiences. There is usually a serious disturbance of behavior, e.g., major
          suicidal attempt.
          Psychogenic depressive psychosis
          Reactive depressive psychosis
          Excludes: manic-depressive psychosis, depressed type (296.1)
           neurotic depression (300.4)

298.1 Excitative type

          An affective psychosis similar in its symptoms to manic-depressive psychosis,
          manic type, but apparently provoked by emotional stress.
          Excludes: manic-depressive psychosis, manic type (296.0)

298.2 Reactive confusion

          Mental disorders with clouded consciousness, disorientation [though less
          marked than in organic confusion] and diminished accessibility often
          accompanied by excessive activity and apparently provoked by emotional stress.
          Psychogenic confusion Psychogenic twilight state
          Excludes: acute confusional state (293.0)

298.3 Acute paranoid reaction

          Paranoid states apparently provoked by some emotional stress. The stress is
          often misconstrued as an attack or threat. Such states are particularly prone
          to occur in prisoners or as acute reactions to a strange and threatening
          environment, e.g., in immigrants.
          Bouff‚e d‚lirante
          Excludes: paranoid states (297.-)

298.4 Psychogenic paranoid psychosis

          Psychogenic or reactive paranoid psychosis of any type which is more
          protracted than the acute reactions covered in 298.3. Where there is a
          diagnosis of psychogenic paranoid psychosis which does not specify "acute"
          this coding should be made.
          Protracted reactive paranoid psychosis

298.8 Other and unspecified reactive psychosis

          Hysterical psychosis Psychogenic stupor
          Psychogenic psychosis NOS

298.9 Unspecified psychosis

          To be used only as a last resort, when no other term can be used.
          Psychosis NOS
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