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308 Acute reaction to stress

          Very transient disorders of any severity and nature which occur in individuals
          without any apparent mental disorder in response to exceptional physical or
          mental stress, such as natural catastrophe or battle, and which usually sub-
          side within hours or days.
          Catastrophic stress Exhaustion delirium
          Combat fatigue
          Excludes: adjustment reaction (309.-)

308.0 Predominant disturbance of emotions

          Panic states, excitability, fear, depressions and anxiety fulfilling the above

308.1 Predominant disturbance of consciousness

          Fugues fulfilling the above criteria.

308.2 Predominant psychomotor disturbance

          Agitation states, stupor fulfilling the above criteria.

308.3 Other

          Acute situational disturbance

308.4 Mixed

          Many gross stress reactions include several elements but whenever possible a
          specific coding under .0, .1, .2, or .3 should be made according to the
          preponderant type of disturbance. The category of mixed disorders should only
          be used when there is such an admixture that this cannot be done.

308.9 Unspecified

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