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314 Hyperkinetic syndrome of childhood

          Disorders in which the essential features are short attention-span and
          distractibility. In early childhood the most striking symptom is disinhibited,
          poorly organized and poorly regulated extreme overactivity but in adolescence
          this may be replaced by underactivity. Impulsiveness, marked mood fluctua-
          tions and aggression are also common symptoms. Delays in the development of
          specific skills are often present and disturbed, poor relationships are
          common. If the hyperkinesis is symptomatic of an underlying disorder, code
          the underlying disorder instead.

314.0 Simple disturbance of activity and attention

          Cases in which short attention span, distractibility, and overactivity are the
          main manifestations without significant disturbance of conduct or delay in
          specific skills.
          Overactivity NOS

314.1 Hyperkinesis with developmental delay

          Cases in which the hyperkinetic syndrome is associated with speech delay,
          clumsiness, reading difficulties or other delays in specific skills.
          Developmental disorder of hyperkinesis
          Use additional code to identify any associated neurological disorder

314.2 Hyperkinetic conduct disorder

          Cases in which the hyperkinetic syndrome is associated with marked conduct
          disturbance but not developmental delay.
          Hyperkinetic conduct disorder
          Excludes: hyperkinesis with significant delays in specific skills (314.1)

314.8 Other

314.9 Unspecified

          Hyperkinetic reaction of childhood or adolescence NOS
          Hyperkinetic syndrome NOS
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