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633 Ectopic pregnancy

          Includes: ruptured ectopic pregnancy

633.0 Abdominal pregnancy

633.1 Tubal pregnancy

          Fallopian pregnancy
          Rupture of (fallopian) tube due to pregnancy
          Tubal abortion

633.2 Ovarian pregnancy

633.8 Other ectopic pregnancy

          Pregnancy: Pregnancy:
           cervical intraligamentous
           combined mesometric
           cornual mural

633.9 Unspecified

          The following fourth-digit subdivisions are for use with categories 634-638:
           .0 Complicated by genital tract and pelvic infection [any condition
           listed in 639.0]
           .1 Complicated by delayed or excessive hemorrhage [any condition
           listed in 639.1]
           .2 Complicated by damage to pelvic organs and tissues [any condition
           listed in 639.2]
           .3 Complicated by renal failure [any condition listed in 639.3]
           .4 Complicated by metabolic disorder [any condition listed in 639.4]
           .5 Complicated by shock [any condition listed in 639.5]
           .6 Complicated by embolism [any condition listed in 639.6]
           .7 With other specified complications [any condition listed in 639.8]
           .8 With unspecified complications
           .9 Without mention of complication
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