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654 Abnormality of organs and soft tissues of pelvis

          [Do not use fourth digit for underlying cause of death]
          Includes: the listed conditions during pregnancy, childbirth, or the
          Excludes: with obstructed labor (660.2)

654.0 Congenital abnormalities of uterus

          Double uterus Uterus bicornis

654.1 Tumors of body of uterus

          Uterine fibroids

654.2 Uterine scar from previous surgery

          Previous cesarean section NOS

654.3 Retroverted and incarcerated gravid uterus

654.4 Other abnormalities in shape or position of gravid uterus and of

           neighboring structures
          Pelvic floor repair
          Pendulous abdomen
          Prolapse of gravid uterus
          Rigid pelvic floor

654.5 Cervical incompetence

          Shirodkar suture with or without mention of cervical incompetence

654.6 Other congenital or acquired abnormality of cervix

          Polyp of cervix
          Previous surgery to cervix
          Tumor of cervix

654.7 Congenital or acquired abnormality of vagina

          Previous surgery to vagina
          Septate vagina
          Stenosis of vagina (acquired) (congenital)
          Stricture of vagina
          Tumor of vagina

654.8 Congenital or acquired abnormality of vulva

          Fibrosis of perineum
          Persistent hymen
          Previous surgery to perineum or vulva
          Rigid perineum
          Tumor of vulva
          Excludes: varicose veins of vulva (671.1)

654.9 Unspecified

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