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682 Other cellulitis and abscess

          Includes: abscess (acute) (with lymphangitis) except of
           finger or toe
           cellulitis (diffuse) (with lymphangitis)
           except of finger or toe
           lymphangitis, acute (with lymphangitis)
           except of finger or toe
          Excludes: cellulitis or abscess of:
           anal and rectal regions (566)
           external auditory canal (380.1)
           external genital organs:
           female (616.4)
           male (607.2, 608.4)
           eyelid (373.1)
           lacrimal apparatus (375.3)
           nose, except external (478.1)
           orbit (376.01)
           lymphangitis (chronic) (subacute) (457.2)
          Use additional code, if desired, to identify infectious organism

682.0 Face

          Cheek Nose
          Chin Submandibular
          Forehead Temple (region)
          Excludes: ear (380.1)

682.1 Neck

682.2 Trunk

          Abdominal wall Groin
          Back [any part, except Pectoral region
           buttock] Perineum
          Chest wall Umbilicus
          Excludes: of umbilicus in newborn (771.4)

682.3 Upper arm and forearm

          Arm [any part, except hand] Shoulder
          Excludes: hand (682.4)

682.4 Hand, except fingers

          Hand [except finger or thumb] Wrist
          Excludes: finger and thumb (681.0)

682.5 Buttock

          Gluteal region

682.6 Leg, except foot

          Ankle Knee
          Hip Thigh

682.7 Foot, except toes

          Excludes: toe (681.1)

682.8 Other specified sites

          Head [except face] Scalp

682.9 Unspecified site

          Abscess NOS Cellulitis NOS
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