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692 Contact dermatitis and other eczema

          Includes: dermatitis: eczema (acute) (chronic):
           NOS NOS
           contact allergic
           occupational erythematous
           venenata occupational
          Excludes: allergy NOS (995.3)
           contact dermatitis of eyelids (373.3)
           dermatitis due to ingested substances (693.-)
           eczema of external ear (380.2)
           perioral dermatitis (695.3)

692.0 Due to detergents

692.1 Due to oils and greases

692.2 Due to solvents

          Solvents of:
           chlorocompound group
           cyclohexane group
           ester group
           glycol group
           hydrocarbon group
           ketone group

692.3 Due to drugs and medicines in contact with skin

          Arnica Neomycin
          Fungicides Phenol
          Iodine Scabicides
          Keratolytics Any drug causing contact
          Mercury dermatitis
          Excludes: allergy NOS due to drugs (995.2, E930-E949)
           dermatitis due to ingested drugs (693.0)
          Use additional E code, if desired, to identify drug

692.4 Due to other chemical products

          Acids Insecticide
          Adhesive plaster Nylon
          Alkalis Plastic
          Caustics Rubber

692.5 Due to food in contact with skin

          Cereals Fruit
          Fish Meat
          Flour Milk
          Excludes: dermatitis due to:
           dyes (692.8)
           ingested foods (693.1)
           preservatives (692.8)

692.6 Due to plants [except food]

          Lacquer tree [Rhus verniciflua]
           ivy [Rhus toxicodendron]
           oak [Rhus diversiloba]
           sumac [Rhus venenata]
           vine [Rhus radicans]
          Primrose [Primula]
          Ragweed [Senecio jacobaea]
          Excludes: allergy NOS due to pollen (477.0)

692.7 Due to solar radiation

          Hydroa (aestivale) Sunburn

692.8 Due to other specified agents

          Due to: Due to:
           cold weather light
           cosmetics preservatives
           dyes Radiation NOS
           furs Ultraviolet rays
           hot weather X-rays
           Infra-red rays
          Excludes: allergy NOS due to animal hair, dander (animal), or dust (477.8)

692.9 Unspecified cause

           contact NOS
           venenata NOS
          Eczema NOS
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