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732 Osteochondropathies

732.0 Juvenile osteochondrosis of spine

          Juvenile osteochondrosis:
           marginal or vertebral epiphysis (of Schuermann)
           spine NOS
           vertebral body (of Calv‚)
          Excludes: adolescent postural kyphosis (737.0)

732.1 Juvenile osteochondrosis of hip and pelvis

          Osteochondrosis (juvenile):
           head of femur (of Legg-Calv‚-Perthes)
           iliac crest (of Buchanan)
           ischiopubic synchondrosis (of van Neck)
           symphysis pubis (of Pierson)

732.2 Nontraumatic slipped upper femoral epiphysis

          Slipped upper femoral epiphysis NOS

732.3 Juvenile osteochondrosis of upper extremity

          Osteochondrosis (juvenile):
           capitulum of humerus (of Panner)
           carpal lunate (of Kienbock)
           hand NOS
           head of humerus (of Hass)
           heads of metacarpals (of Mauclaire)
           lower ulna (of Burns)
           upper extremity NOS

732.4 Juvenile osteochondrosis of lower extremity, excluding foot

          Osteochondrosis (juvenile):
           lower extremity NOS
           primary patellar center (of K”hler)
           proximal tibia (of Blount)
           secondary patellar centre (of Sinding-Larsen)
           tibial tubercle (of Osgood-Schlatter)

732.5 Juvenile osteochondrosis of foot

          Calcaneal apophysitis
          Osteochondrosis (juvenile):
           astragalus (of Diaz)
           calcaneum (of Sever)
           foot NOS
           fifth (of Iselin)
           second (of Freiberg)
           os tibiale externum (of Haglund)
           tarsal navicular (of K”hler)

732.6 Other juvenile osteochondrosis

          Apophysitis }
          Epiphysitis } specified as juvenile, of
          Osteochondritis } other site, or site NOS
          Osteochondrosis }

732.7 Osteochondritis dissecans

732.8 Other specified forms of osteochondropathy

          Adult osteochondrosis of spine

732.9 Unspecified osteochondropathy

          Apophysitis }
          Epiphysitis } not specified as adult or
          Osteochondritis } juvenile, of unspecified site
          Osteochondrosis }
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