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751 Other congenital anomalies of digestive system

751.0 Meckel's diverticulum

          Meckel's diverticulum Persistent:
           (displaced) omphalomesenteric duct
           (hypertrophic) vitelline duct

751.1 Atresia and stenosis of small intestine

          Atresia of:
           intestine NOS
          Imperforate jejunum
           absence of small intestine or intestine NOS
           obstruction of small intestine or intestine NOS
           stenosis of small intestine or intestine NOS
           stricture of small intestine or intestine NOS

751.2 Atresia and stenosis of large intestine, rectum, and anal canal

          Absence: Congenital or infantile:
           anus (congenital) obstruction of large intestine
           appendix, congenital occlusion of anus
           large intestine, stricture of anus
           congenital Imperforate:
           rectum anus
          Atresia of: rectum
           anus Stricture of rectum, congenital

751.3 Hirschsprung's disease and other congenital functional disorders

           of colon
          Aganglionosis Congenital megacolon
          Congenital dilation of colon Macrocolon

751.4 Anomalies of intestinal fixation

          Congenital adhesions: Rotation of cecum or colon:
           omental, anomalous failure of
           peritoneal incomplete
          Jackson's membrane insufficient
          Malrotation of colon Universal mesentery

751.5 Other anomalies of intestine

          Congenital diverticulitis, Megaloappendix
           colon Megaloduodenum
          Dolichocolon Microcolon
          Duplication of: Persistent cloaca
           anus Transposition of:
           appendix appendix
           cecum colon
           intestine intestine
          Ectopic anus
          Excludes: congenital pilonidal cyst or sinus (685)

751.6 Anomalies of gallbladder, bile ducts and liver

          Absence of: Congenital:
           bile duct, congenital polycystic disease of liver
           gallbladder, congenital stricture of:
           liver bile duct
          Accessory: common duct
           hepatic ducts Duplication of:
           liver biliary duct
          Atresia of bile duct cystic duct
          Congenital: gallbladder
           cystic disease of liver liver
           hepatomegaly Fibrocystic disease of liver
           obstruction, bile duct Intrahepatic gallbladder
           or passage

751.7 Anomalies of pancreas

          Absence of pancreas Annular pancreas
          Accessory pancreas Hypoplasia of pancreas
          Agenesis of pancreas
          Excludes: diabetes mellitus:
           congenital (250.-)
           neonatal (775.1)
           fibrocystic disease of pancreas (277.0)

751.8 Other specified anomalies of digestive system

          Absence (complete) (partial) of alimentary tract NOS
          Duplication of digestive organs NOS
          Malposition, congenital of digestive organs NOS
          Excludes: congenital diaphragmatic hernia (756.6)
           congenital hiatus hernia (750.6)

751.9 Unspecified anomalies of digestive system

          Congenital of digestive system NOS:
           anomaly NOS of digestive system NOS
           deformity NOS of digestive system NOS
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