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753 Congenital anomalies of urinary system

753.0 Renal agenesis and dysgenesis

          Atrophy of kidney: Congenital absence of kidney(s)
           congenital Hypoplasia of kidney(s)

753.1 Cystic kidney disease

          Cystic of kidney (congenital) Renal degeneration or disease:
           (multiple) fibrocystic
          Fibrocystic kidney polycystic
          Polycystic (disease of) kidney
          Excludes: acquired cyst of kidney (593.2)

753.2 Obstructive defects of renal pelvis and ureter

          Atresia of ureter Congenital:
          Congenital: stricture of:
           dilatation of ureter ureter
           hydronephrosis ureteropelvic junction
           megaloureter ureterovesical orifice
           occlusion of ureter ureterocele
           Impervious ureter

753.3 Other specified anomalies of kidney

          Accessory kidney Fusion of kidneys
          Congenital: Giant kidney
           calculus of kidney Horseshoe kidney
           displaced kidney Hyperplasia of kidney
          Double kidney with double Lobulation of kidney, foetal
           pelvis Malrotation of kidney
          Ectopic kidney

753.4 Other specified anomalies of ureter

          Absent ureter Double ureter
          Accessory ureter Ectopic ureter
          Deviation of ureter Implantation, anomalous of ureter
          Displaced ureteric orifice

753.5 Exstrophy of urinary bladder

          Ectopia vesicae Extroversion of bladder

753.6 Atresia and stenosis of urethra and bladder neck

          Congenital bladder neck obstruction
          Congenital stricture of:
           urethra (valvular)
           urinary meatus
           vesicourethral orifice
          Impervious urethra

753.7 Anomalies of urachus

          Cyst of urachus Patent of urachus

753.8 Other specified anomalies of bladder and urethra

          Absence, congenital of: Congenital urethrorectal fistula
           bladder Congenital prolapse of:
           urethra bladder (mucosa)
          Accessory: urethra
           bladder Double:
           urethra urethra
          Congenital: urinary meatus
           diverticulum of bladder
           hernia of bladder

753.9 Unspecified anomalies of urinary system

          Congenital: } of urinary system
           anomaly NOS } [any part,
           deformity NOS } except urachus]
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