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755 Other congenital anomalies of limbs

          Excludes: those deformities classified to 754.-

755.0 Polydactyly

          Accessory fingers or toes Supernumerary digits

755.1 Syndactyly

          Fusion of fingers or toes Webbed fingers or toes

755.2 Reduction deformities of upper limb

          Absence, congenital (complete Amelia of upper limb
           or partial) of: Ectromelia of upper limb
           arm Hemimelia of upper limb
           finger Phocomelia of upper limb
           hand Rudimentary arm
           radius Shortening of arm, congenital

755.3 Reduction deformities of lower limb

          Absence, congenital (complete Amelia of lower limb
           or partial) of: Ectromelia of lower limb
           femur Hemimelia of lower limb
           foot Phocomelia of lower limb
           leg Shortening of arm, congenital

755.4 Reduction deformities, unspecified limb

          Absence, congenital (complete Ectromelia of unspecified limb
           or partial) of limb NOS Hemimelia of unspecified limb
          Amelia of unspecified limb Phocomelia of unspecified limb

755.5 Other anomalies of upper limb, including shoulder girdle

          Accessory carpal bones Lobster-claw hand
          Acrocephalosyndactyly Macrodactylia (fingers)
          Cleidocranial dysostosis Madelung's deformity
          Congenital deformity of: Radio-ulnar synostosis
           clavicle Sprengel's deformity

755.6 Other anomalies of lower limb, including pelvic girdle

          Astragalo-scaphoid synostosis Congenital:
          Congenital: deformity (of):
           absence of patella sacroiliac (joint)
           angulation of tibia fusion of sacroiliac joint
           anteversion of femur genu valgum
           coxa valga genu varum
           coxa vara hallux varus
           deformity (of): hammer toe
           ankle (joint) Rudimentary patella
           knee (joint)

755.8 Other specified anomalies of unspecified limb

          Arthrogryposis multiplex congenita

755.9 Unspecified anomalies of unspecified limb

           anomaly NOS of unspecified limb
           deformity NOS of unspecified limb
          Excludes: reduction deformity of unspecified limb (755.4)
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