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E829 Other road vehicle accidents

          Includes: accident while boarding or }
           alighting from } streetcar
           blow from object in } nonmotor road
           breakage of any part of } vehicle not
           caught in door of } classifiable
           derailment of } to E826 to
           fall in, on, or from } E828
           fire in }
           collision between streetcar or nonmotor road vehicle, except as
           in E826 to E828, and:
           animal (not being ridden)
           another nonmotor road vehicle not classifiable to
           other object, fixed, movable, or moving, not set in
           motion by motor vehicle, railway train, or
           nonmotor road vehicle accident NOS
           streetcar accident NOS
          Excludes: collision with:
           animal being ridden (E828.-)
           animal-drawn vehicle (E827.-)
           pedal cycle (E826.-)
          For definitions of water transport accident and related terms see definitions
          (a), (s), and (t).
          Includes: watercraft accidents in the course of recreational activities
          Excludes: accidents involving both aircraft, including objects set in
           motion by aircraft, and watercraft (E840-E845)
          The following fourth digits are for use with categories E830-E838 to identify
          the injured person:
           .0 Occupant of small boat, unpowered
           .1 Occupant of small boat, powered
           See definition (t)
           Excludes: water skier (.3)
           .2 Occupant of other watercraft crew
           Includes: persons:
           engaged in operation of watercraft
           providing passenger services [cabin attendants,
           ship's physician, catering personnel]
           working on ship during voyage in other capacity
           [musician in band, operators of shops and
           beauty parlors]
           .3 Occupant of other watercraft other than crew
           Includes: passenger
           occupant of lifeboat, other than crew, after abandoning
           .4 Water skier
           .5 Swimmer
           .6 Dockers, stevedores
           Includes: longshoreman employed on the dock in loading and
           unloading ships
           .8 Other specified person
           Includes: immigration and custom officials on board ship person:
           accompanying passenger or member of crew
           visiting boat
           pilot (guiding ship into port)
           .9 Unspecified person
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