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E838 Other and unspecified water transport accident

          Includes: accidental poisoning by gases or fumes on ship
           atomic power plant malfunction in watercraft
           crushed between ships without accident to watercraft
           crushed by falling object on ship or while loading or unloading
           excessive heat in:
           boiler room
           engine room
           evaporator room
           fire room
           hit by boat while water skiing
           struck by boat or part thereof (after fall from boat)
           watercraft accident NOS
          For definition of aircraft and related terms see definitions (u) and (v).
          The following fourth digits are for use with categories E840-E845 to identify
          the injured person:
           .0 Occupant of spacecraft
           .1 Occupant of military aircraft, any
           Includes: crew } in military aircraft
           passenger (civilian) } [air force] [army]
           (military) } [national guard]]
           troops } [navy]
           Excludes: occupants of aircraft operated under jurisdiction of
           police departments (.5)
           parachutist (.7)
           .2 Crew of commercial aircraft (powered) in surface-to-surface transport
           .3 Other occupant of commercial aircraft (powered) in surface-to-surface
           Includes: flight personnel:
           not part of crew
           on familiarization flight
           passenger on aircraft (powered) NOS
           .4 Occupant of commercial aircraft (powered) in surface-to-air
           Includes: occupant [crew] [passenger] of aircraft (powered)
           engaged in activities such as:
           aerial spraying (crops) (fire retardants)
           air drops of emergency supplies
           air drops of parachutists, except from
           military craft
           crop dusting
           lowering of construction material [bridge or
           telephone pole]
           sky writing
           .5 Occupant of other powered aircraft
           Includes: occupant [crew] [passenger] of aircraft [powered]
           engaged in activities, such as:
           aerobatic flying
           aircraft racing
           rescue operation
           storm surveillance
           traffic surveillance
           occupant of private plane NOS
           .6 Occupant of unpowered aircraft, except parachutist
           Includes: occupant of aircraft listed in E842
           .7 Parachutist (military) (other)
           Includes: person making voluntary descent
           Excludes: person making descent after accident to aircraft (.1-.6)
           .8 Ground crew, airline employee
           Includes: persons employed at airfields (civil) (military) or
           launching pads, not occupants of aircraft
           .9 Other person
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