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E868 Accidental poisoning by other utility gas and other carbon monoxide

E868.0 Liquefied petroleum gas distributed in mobile containers

          Liquefied hydrocarbon gas NOS
          Carbon monoxide from incomplete combustion of these gases

E868.1 Other and unspecified utility gas

          Gas NOS used for lighting, heating, or cooking
          Carbon monoxide from incomplete combustion of above gases
          Water gas

E868.2 Motor vehicle exhaust gas

          Exhaust gas from:
           farm tractor, not in transit
           gas engine
           motor pump
           motor vehicle, not in transit
           any type of combustion engine not in watercraft
          Excludes: poisoning by carbon monoxide from:
           aircraft while in transit (E844)
           motor vehicle while in transit (E818)
           watercraft whether or not in transit (E838)

E868.3 Carbon monoxide from incomplete combustion of other domestic fuels

          Carbon monoxide from incomplete combustion of:
           coal }
           coke } in domestic stove
           kerosene or paraffin } or fireplace
           wood }
          Excludes: carbon monoxide from smoke and fumes due to conflagration

E868.8 Carbon monoxide from other sources

          Carbon monoxide from:
           blast furnace gas
           incomplete combustion of fuels in industrial use
           kiln vapor

E868.9 Unspecified carbon monoxide

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