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E926 Exposure to radiation

          Excludes: abnormal reaction to or complication of treatment without
           mention of misadventure (E879.2)
           atomic power plant malfunction in water transport (E838.-)
           misadventure to patient in surgical and medical procedures
           use of radiation in war operations (E996, E997)

E926.0 Radiofrequency radiation

          Overexposure to: } from:
           microwave radiation } high-powered radio and
           radar radiation } television transmitters
           radiofrequency } industrial radiofrequency
           radiation [any] } induction heaters
           } radar installations

E926.1 Infrared heaters and lamps

           } blistering
          Exposure to infrared radiation from } burning
           heaters and lamps as the cause of: } charring
           } inflammatory change
          Excludes: physical contact with heater or lamp (E924.8)

E926.2 Visible and ultraviolet light sources

          Arc lamps Oxygas welding torch
          Black light sources Sun rays
          Electrical welding arc
          Excludes: excessive heat from these sources (E900.-)

E926.3 X-rays and other electromagnetic ionizing radiation

          Gamma rays X-rays (hard) (soft)

E926.4 Lasers

E926.5 Radioactive isotopes

          Radiobiologicals Radiopharmaceuticals

E926.8 Other specified

          Artificially accelerated beams of ionized particles, generated by:
           betatrons synchrotrons

E926.9 Unspecified

          Radiation NOS
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