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Centralx® - Intelligent health systems


At Centralx we develop softwares and aplications for the medical area. We offer not only an EHR system for your clinic or medical practice, we go beyond, offering an integrated plataform, with all the possibilities to allow you to achieve greater productivity.

Our solutions will help you differentiate from your competitors, stablish your online presence and build a relationship with your patients, besides making your whole routine simpler and easier.


For high productivity medical practices

HiDoctor® is a software developed to meet all the routine needs of a practice. With the focus on agility and practicality, it is the best medical system on the market.

From health records to statistics, the software offers several resources for your practice.

The system works both online and offline, whether installed on your computer, via web on any device or through the application for Android and iOS. With HiDoctor® NET and HiDoctor® Mobile you access your data wherever you are, at any time you need it.


For high productivity clinics

HiDoctor® Clinic is a complete software for managing clinics and hospitals. It takes care of the complete cycle of high productivity environments, helping integrate the work of various medical professionals.

The software also has a powerful billing control system. This module deals with accounting records to apportions. You can see the details of clinic productivity in the reports generated.

HiDoctor® Clinic also works on the web! You can combine the high performance of a software installed on your computer with the flexibility of online access to all the data.


Why Centralx®?

We are leaders in technology for the service routine of medical practices and clinics. Our leadership is based on providing practical and user-friendly systems. In addition, Centralx® also provides online medical information systems for patients and healthcare professionals.

You can count on us for all your needs, from the health records to the most sophisticated technologies to increase the productivity and mobility of medical professionals.