wednesday, january 16, 2019
Welcome to Centralx Passport.

This customer's identification system was created to ensure higher security and personalization for your access to Centralx products and services.

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Privacy policy

General Policies

The privacy policies of Centralx is based on it's commitment to transparency and respect in the relations with its customers and visitors, through the use of Centralx Passport.

Centralx Passport was created to facilitate access to the several services available, improving communication and offering comfort in their use. By identifying with Centralx Passport, the customer will be immediately connected to all the applications which it has access.

Information Handling

The informations requested from customers are the minimum necessary for the completion and improvement of the provided services, collected safely and stored with confidentiality in the information system of Centralx for statistical and relationship purposes.

The access to this system is allowed only to authorized personnel and qualified to perform activities relative to contacts, technical support or sending informations about update (technical / operational) of products and services, besides conducting business through the internet.

The personal data of customers and visitors of our sites will be collected and stored according to strict standards of confidentiality and security. They won't be shared with third parties, except as expressly authorized by the customer or by law.

Besides this, you may correct or update the information provided in Centralx Passport at any time, through several channels of contact with Centralx.


Centralx offers the implied warranty in the use of SSL technology (with keys of 128-bit encryption) in access to the sites and services provided by it whenever reserved informations is exchanged with customers and visitors, preventing up against the interception of these informations during the transmission.

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