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297 Paranoid states

          Excludes: acute paranoid reaction (298.3)
           alcoholic jealousy (291.5)
           paranoid schizophrenia (295.3)

297.0 Paranoid state, simple

          A psychosis, acute or chronic, not classifiable as schizophrenia or affective
          psychosis, in which delusions, especially of being influenced, persecuted or
          treated in some special way, are the main symptoms. The delusions are of a
          fairly fixed, elaborate and systematized kind.

297.1 Paranoia

          A rare chronic psychosis in which logically constructed systematized delusions
          have developed gradually without concomitant hallucinations or the
          schizophrenic type of disordered thinking. The delusions are mostly of
          grandeur [the paranoiac prophet or inventor], persecution or somatic
          Excludes: paranoid personality disorder (301.0)

297.2 Paraphrenia

          Paranoid psychosis in which there are conspicuous hallucinations, often in
          several modalities. Affective symptoms and disordered thinking, if present, do
          not dominate the clinical picture and the personality is well preserved.
          Involutional paranoid state
          Late paraphrenia

297.3 Induced psychosis

          Mainly delusions psychosis, usually chronic and often without florid features,
          which appears to have developed as a result of a close, if not dependent,
          relationship with another person who already has an established similar
          psychosis. The delusions are at least partly shared. The rare cases in which
          several persons are affected should also be included here.
          Folie deux
          Induced paranoid disorder

297.8 Other

          Paranoid states which, though in many ways akin to schizophrenic or affective
          states, cannot readily be classified under any of the preceding rubrics, nor
          under 298.4.
          Paranoia querulans
          Sensitiver Beziehungswahn
          Excludes: senile paranoid state (297.2)

297.9 Unspecified

           psychosis NOS
           reaction NOS
           state NOS
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