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291 Alcoholic psychoses

          Organic psychotic states due mainly to excessive consumption of alcohol;
          defects of nutrition are taught to play an important role. In some of these
          states, withdrawal of alcohol can be of aetiological significance.
          Excludes: alcoholism without psychosis (303)

291.0 Delirium tremens

          Acute or subacute organic psychotic states in alcoholics, characterized by
          clouded consciousness, disorientation, fear, illusions, delusions,
          hallucinations of any kind, notably visual and tactile, and restlessness,
          tremor and sometimes fever.
          Alcoholic delirium

291.1 Korsakoff's psychosis, alcoholic

          A syndrome of prominent and lasting reduction of memory span, including
          striking loss of recent memory, disordered time appreciation and
          confabulation, occurring in alcoholics as the sequel to an acute alcoholic
          psychosis [especially delirium tremens] or, more rarely, in the course of
          chronic alcoholism. It is usually accompanied by peripheral neuritis and may
          be associated with Wernicke's encephalopathy.
          Alcoholic polyneuritic psychosis
          Excludes: Korsakov's psychosis:
           NOS (294.0)
           nonalcoholic (294.0)

291.2 Other alcoholic dementia

          Nonhallucinatory dementias occurring in association with alcoholism but not
          characterized by the features of either delirium tremens or Korsakov's
          Alcoholic dementia NOS
          Chronic alcoholic brain syndrome

291.3 Other alcoholic hallucinosis

          A psychosis usually of less than six months' duration, with slight or no
          clouding of consciousness and much anxious restlessness in which auditory
          hallucinations, mostly of voices uttering insults and threats, predominate.
          Excludes: schizophrenia (295.-) and paranoid states (297.-) taking the
           form of chronic hallucinosis with clear consciousness in
           an alcoholic

291.4 Pathological drunkenness

          Acute psychotic episodes induced by relatively small amounts of alcohol.
          These are regarded as individual idiosyncratic reactions to alcohol, not due
          to excessive consumption and without conspicuous neurological signs of
          Excludes: simple drunkenness (305.0)

291.5 Alcoholic jealousy

          Chronic paranoid psychosis characterized by delusional jealousy and associated
          with alcoholism.
          Alcoholic paranoia
          Excludes: nonalcoholic paranoid states (297.-)
           schizophrenia, paranoid type (295.3)

291.8 Other

          Alcohol withdrawal syndrome
          Excludes: delirium tremens (291.0)

291.9 Unspecified

          Alcoholic: Alcoholism (chronic) with psychosis
           mania NOS
           psychosis NOS
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