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290 Senile and presenile organic psychotic conditions

          Excludes: psychoses classifiable to 295-298.8 occurring in the senium
           without dementia or delirium (295.0-298.8)
           transient organic psychotic conditions (293.-)
           dementia not classified as senile, presenile, or arterio-
           sclerotic (294.1)

290.0 Senile dementia, simple type

          Dementia occurring usually after the age of 65 in which any cerebral pathology
          other than that of senile atrophic change can be reasonably excluded.
          Excludes: mild memory disturbances, not amounting to dementia, associated
           with senile brain disease (310.1)
           senile dementia:
           depressed or paranoid type (290.2)
           with confusion and/or delirium (290.3)

290.1 Presenile dementia

          Dementia occurring usually before the age of 65 in patients with the
          relatively rare forms of diffuse or lobar cerebral atrophy. Use additional
          code to identify the associated neurological condition.
          Brain syndrome with presenile brain disease
          Circumscribed atrophy of the brain
          Dementia in:
           Alzheimer's disease
           Pick's disease of the brain
          Excludes: arteriosclerotic dementia (290.4)
           dementia associated with other cerebral conditions (294.1)

290.2 Senile dementia, depressed or paranoid type

          A type of senile dementia characterized by development of advanced old age,
          progressive in nature, in which a variety of delusions and hallucinations of a
          persecutory, depressive and somatic content are also present. Disturbance of
          the sleep/waking cycle and preoccupation with dead people are often
          particularly prominent.
          Senile psychosis NOS
          Excludes: senile dementia:
           NOS (290.0)
           with delirium and/or confusion (290.3)

290.3 Senile dementia with acute confusional state

          Senile dementia with a superimposed reversible episode of acute confusional
          Excludes: senile:
           dementia NOS (290.0)
           psychosis NOS (290.2)

290.4 Arteriosclerotic dementia

          Dementia attributable, because of physical signs [on examination of the
          central nervous system] to degenerative arterial disease of the brain.
          Symptoms suggesting a focal lesion in the brain are common. There may be a
          fluctuating or patchy intellectual defect with insight, and an intermittent
          course is common. Clinical differentiation from senile or presenile dementia,
          which may coexist with it, may be very difficult or impossible. Use
          additional code to identify cerebral atherosclerosis (437.0).
          Excludes: suspected cases with no clear evidence of arteriosclerosis (290.9)

290.8 Other

290.9 Unspecified

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