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305 Nondependent abuse of drugs

          Includes cases where a person, for whom no other diagnosis is possible, has
          come under medical care because of the maladaptive effect of a drug on which
          he is not dependent (as defined in 304.-) and that he has taken on his own
          initiative to the detriment of his health or social functioning. When drug
          abuse is secondary to a psychiatric disorder, code the disorder.
          Excludes: alcohol dependence syndrome (303)
           drug dependence (304.-)
           drug withdrawal syndrome (292.0)
           poisoning by drugs or medicinal substances (960-979)

305.0 Alcohol

          Cases of acute intoxication or "hangover" effects.
           Drunkenness NOS
           Excessive drinking of alcohol NOS
           "Hangover" (alcohol)
           Inebriety NOS
          Excludes: alcoholic psychoses (291.-)
           physical complications of alcohol, such as:
           cirrhosis of liver (571.2)
           epilepsy (345.-)
           gastritis (535.3)

305.1 Tobacco

          Cases in which tobacco is used to the detriment of a person's health or social
          functioning or in which there is tobacco dependence. Dependence is included
          here rather than under 304.- because tobacco differs from other drugs of
          dependence in its psychotoxic effects.
          Tobacco dependence

305.2 Cannabis

305.3 Hallucinogens

          Cases of acute intoxication or "bad trips".
          LSD reaction

305.4 Barbiturates and tranquillizers

          Cases where a person has taken the drug to the detriment of his health or
          social functioning, in doses above or for periods beyond those normally
          regarded as therapeutic.

305.5 Morphine type

305.6 Cocaine type

305.7 Amphetamine type

305.8 Antidepressants

305.9 Other, mixed, or unspecified

          "Laxative habit" Nonprescribed use of drugs or
          Misuse of drugs NOS patent medicinals
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