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306 Physiological malfunction arising from mental factors

          A variety of physical symptoms or types of physiological malfunction of mental
          origin, not involving tissue damage and usually mediated through the autonomic
          nervous system. The disorders are grouped according to body system. Codes

306.0-306.9 should not be used if the physical symptom is secondary to a

          psychiatric disorder classifiable elsewhere. If tissue damage is involved,
          code under 316.
          Excludes: hysteria (300.1)
           psychic factors associated with physical conditions involving
           tissue damage classified elsewhere (316)
           specific nonpsychotic mental disorders following organic brain
           damage (310.-)

306.0 Musculoskeletal

          Psychogenic torticollis
          Excludes: Gilles de la Tourette's syndrome (307.2)
           tics (307.2)

306.1 Respiratory

          Air hunger Psychogenic cough
          Hiccough (psychogenic) Yawning
          Excludes: psychogenic asthma (316 and 493.9)

306.2 Cardiovascular

          Cardiac neurosis Neurocirculatory asthenia
          Cardiovascular neurosis Psychogenic cardiovascular disorder
          Excludes: psychogenic paroxysmal tachycardia (316 and 427.9

306.3 Skin

          Psychogenic pruritus
          Excludes: psychogenic:
           alopecia (316 and 704.0)
           dermatitis (316 and 692.-)
           eczema (316 and 691.9 or 692.-)
           urticaria (316 and 708.-)

306.4 Gastrointestinal

          Aerophagy Cyclical vomiting, psychogenic
          Excludes: cyclical vomiting NOS (536.2)
           globus hystericus (300.11)
           mucous colitis (316 and 564.1)
           cardiospasm (316 and 530.0)
           duodenal ulcer (316 and 532.-)
           gastric ulcer (316 and 531.-)
           peptic ulcer (316 and 533.-)

306.5 Genitourinary

          Psychogenic dysmenorrhoea
          Excludes: dyspareunia (302.7)
           enuresis (307.6)
           frigidity (302.7)
           impotence (302.7)

306.6 Endocrine

306.7 Organs of special sense

          Excludes: hysterical blindness or deafness (300.1)

306.8 Other

          Teeth grinding

306.9 Unspecified

          Psychophysiologic disorder NOS Psychosomatic disorder NOS
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