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743 Congenital anomalies of eye

743.0 Anophthalmos

          Agenesis of eye Cryptophthalmos

743.1 Microphthalmos

          Aplasia of eye Hypoplasia of eye
          Dysplasia of eye Rudimentary eye

743.2 Buphthalmos

          Glaucoma: Hydrophthalmos
           congenital Keratoglobus, congenital
           newborn Megalocornea

743.3 Congenital cataract and lens anomalies

          Congenital aphakia Spherophakia

743.4 Coloboma and other anomalies of anterior segments

          Aniridia Corneal opacity, congenital
          Anisocoria, congenital Microcornea
          Atresia of pupil Peters' anomaly
          Coloboma of iris Rieger's anomaly

743.5 Congenital anomalies of posterior segment

          Coloboma: Congenital:
           fundus retinal aneurysm
           optic disc vitreous opacity

743.6 Congenital anomalies of eyelids, lacrimal system and orbit

          Ablepharon Accessory:
          Absence, agenesis of eyelid
           cilia eye muscles
           eyelid Congenital:
           lacrimal apparatus entropion
           punctum lacrimale ptosis

743.8 Other specified anomalies of eye

          Ocular albinism
          Excludes: congenital nystagmus (379.5)
           retinitis pigmentosa (362.7)

743.9 Unspecified anomalies of eye

           anomaly NOS of eye [any part]
           deformity NOS of eye [any part]
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