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744 Congenital anomalies of ear, face, and neck

          Excludes: anomaly of:
           cervical spine (754.2, 756.1)
           larynx (748.2, 748.3)
           parathyroid gland (759.2)
           thyroid gland (759.2)
           cleft lip (749.1)

744.0 Anomalies of ear causing impairment of hearing

          Absence of: Congenital anomaly of:
           auditory canal (external) membranous labyrinth
           auricle (ear) middle ear
           ear, congenital organ of Corti
          Atresia or stricture of: Fusion, ear ossicles
           auditory canal (external)
           osseous meatus (ear)
          Excludes: congenital deafness without mention of cause (389.-)

744.1 Accessory auricle

          Accessory tragus Supernumerary:
          Polyotia ear
          Preauricular appendage lobule

744.2 Other specified anomalies of ear

          Absence: Darwin's tubercle
           Eustachian tube Macrotia
           lobe, congenital Microtia
          Bat ear Pointed ear
          Excludes: preauricular sinus (744.4)

744.3 Unspecified anomalies of ear

           anomaly NOS of ear [any part]
           deformity NOS of ear [any part]

744.4 Branchial cleft, cyst or fistula; preauricular sinus

          Branchial: Fistula of:
           sinus (internal) auricle, congenital
           (external) cervicoaural
           vestige Preauricular cyst
          Cervical auricle

744.5 Webbing of neck

          Pterygium colli

744.8 Other specified anomalies of face and neck

          Hypertrophy of lip, Macrostomia
           congenital Microcheilia
          Macrocheilia Microstomia
          Excludes: those conditions classified to 754.-

744.9 Unspecified anomalies of face and neck

           anomaly NOS of face [any part] or neck [any part]
           deformity NOS of face [any part] or neck [any part]
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